Front-end Web Developer and Web Designer (and Lawyer).

Hello, I’m Wicttor Rios. I am a Web Developer and Web Designer with 7-year backgorund in front-end development. Developing mid to large scale websites based on web standard technologies such as HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery and PHP in Brazil.

I am a front-end web developer focused on WordPress in the last 5 years. I worked on teams and alone to complete all manners of projects. Extremely motivated in extending my professional IT experience.

(Yes, I’m a Brazilian Lawyer as well.)

Eu Economizo Água

The site is part of the EMBASA campaign and aims to educate the population to reduce the waste of water in Bahia.


CBHSF is governmental committee by water management of Basin of the São Francisco River, the most biggest brazilian river. The committee focus is prevent the waste the water, preserve the natural biome and garantee the sustentable exploration of river.

Integral Web

Web Site developed for a private school located on Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. This project are made with a partnership with Yayá Comunicação, digital agency located in Salvador.

Apaixonados por Séries

The Apaixonados por Séries is a brazilian site dedicated to TV shows (from US, Brazil and more), with coverage of news, specials and review of episodes and seasons.